Jul 20 2007

Friday, still energy to burn but…

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Hello Friends,

Swell peaked last night and, following the usual rule of such fast-rising swells, it is dropping back with equal alacrity. However… don’t get the idea that it’s going flat. The latest data from the Sydney buoy shows dead south at 4 metres on average with a period around the 11 sec mark. Overnight the swell reached 6 metres on average with peaks of up to 12 metres right around the time high tide was happening…

Conditions now are not fabulous. It looks pretty much like yesterday afternoon, maybe a touch cleaner than that junk, but not what you’d call quality. I’ll go out for a closer look shortly, but right now it does not appear that we have a rival to last week.

Wind is WSW at 10-15 but the Bureau says it should be 25-30 kts… it looks like that kind of speed happening out at sea, away from the automatic weather stations on shore. The call is for the wind to drop off a bit during the day but not exactly become light.

Stay in touch, because if I find anything, I’ll be posting it later…

Go well with your day!

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