Jul 22 2007

Sunday on the fade

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Hello Friends,

Pretty undistinguished looking this morning. The swell continues to fade and sadly is getting down toward the nearly flat end of the spectrum at Dee Why. Out at sea, it’s coming from the SE at 2 metres at about 8 seconds apart. That means not much more than waist high on the big ones. In this area, you might get something a little bigger up the beach toward Longy or around at Curly. Otherwise I’d maybe have Mona Vale, Av and possibly Palmy on the list. Across the bridge from here, I’m guessing the Bra will be your best hope for ferocious competition over the kind of dribble currently gracing this side of town.

I’m not liking the look of the forecasts for next week. I guess the good thing is that I’ll get through a bit more work… oh joy. But right now I reckon the spot to be for the next few days is SW WA…

Go well with your day!

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