Jul 23 2007

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Hello Friends

Surprisingly, there is still a little bit of swell energy around. The models had suggested we’d be getting into the flat zone around about now. But I watched a couple peaks that would’ve been in the chest high range come in at around 0800. The strange thing is that there seemed to be only one person out. No wind really to speak of either. Go figure.

The main change from yesterday is Huey’s period setting. He’s bumped it up a notch from around 8 sec yesterday to closer to nine today. Primary swell direction is a surf-friendly SE too. And the wind is set to stay gentle and out of the NE through the day. Could be fun to take the more bouyant option from your quiver.

It looks like a good idea to get in today, because the models are unanimous about the baleful effects of a big high sitting over the Tasman. According to the computers, the east coast outlook is for flatness through next weekend. We always get flat spells like this during winter, so I wouldn’t be drawing any conclusions about Huey’s longer term intentions…

Finally, a little market-researchy question for those of you who have time to give me an opinion. Basically, I’m looking at making a DVD from the footage I shot 12-14 July but I need to know if people would even pay for such a thing. Anyway, there’s just the one question and a place to leave an email addy if you’re interested in hearing about how the project goes. Here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/2r4sn6

Have yourself a top old day!

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