Jul 24 2007

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Hello Friends,

The flatness may be here soon, but at daybreak there was still a tiny bit of surf energy at SE exposed spots. The size at sea has dropped again and is now about a metre. The only reason there’s anything at all is down to the fact that it’s coming from the east and the average period is still around the 9 second mark. So there is a little something, but I’d say it will continue to weaken through today and that we should be into flatness good and proper from tomorrow through the weekend – if the models are correct. It looks as though this flatness is likely to be pretty much uniform along the east coast.

I have another question for you this morning. Do you know someone who can run off 100 audio CDs for a modest unit price? If so, kindly drop me a line via our feedback link. Many thanks!

Go well with your day!

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