Jul 25 2007

Weds micro-ness

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Hello Friends,

When I checked the buoy data late last night, there was a surprising (to me) uptick in the period to around 10 sec. Even though the swell was a lowly 0.75 metre at the time, it should’ve meant that night surfers were getting some juicy little ones at exposed spots. But this morning (cue sound of smashing glass) the period’s crashed to an average of about 7 seconds. For what it’s worth, the chop is coming at us from the east. Impressively, there were a couple people in the water at Dee Why personfully trying to get a little push to shore from the utterly gutless dribble.

From what I can make out, the entire east coast is in more or less the same state. To get any energy, you’ll need to head to SW WA if you want anything resembling a wave.

The models are looking pretty grim for us through about Sunday. After that there is some hope of a small improvement to the situation. But we shall see…

Go well with your day!

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