Jul 27 2007

C’mon Huey!

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Hello Friends,

Yep, she’s still zippo.

But, the forecasts have started to perk up. First though, a quick run down on how rundown things are along the east coast. In Sydney we have about a metre of east windswell which is averaging 7 seconds apart. If you’re patient it may be possible to find the very occasional knee high peak at your favourite stretch of sand. Yesterday afternoon a couple bodyboarders found one such at Dee Why, but they had to wait around 5-10 minutes for anything remotely catchable. Most of the time it looked like two blokes sitting in a lake.

Lake Pacific will continue for another 24 hours from the look of things. There is an interesting looking fetch showing on the WAMs from around Sunday-Monday into Tuesday. It kind of bends around the bottom of New Zealand’s south island and arcs up toward the SE coast of Australia. However, the wind speeds don’t look too impressive in the forecasts, so I wonder if it’ll throw much energy at us in the end.

Meanwhile, SW WA is really looking the goods for serious size from early in the new week. And midweek looks a good chance for some nice long period energy filling into the surf coast of Victoria.

Go well with your day!

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