Jul 28 2007

Flat Saturday

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A lone figure contemplates the minute difference between the pool and the sea…

Hello Friends,

Dear, dear, it is very tiny out there. I’d thought there might be a tiny little bump this morning, but it’s turned out much smaller than that. Precisely as the Goat’s forecast foretold.

So, nothing doing today if you’re anywhere along the east coast. Biggest waves in Sydney are unlikely to trouble your average paper boat. Get thee to SW WA if you want some size.

One’s thoughts, naturally enough, turn to the wave prediction models… and what they show is a low forming up in the lower Tasman around tomorrow night. The low is due to deepen into the surf generation range fairly rapidly but to be shunting across toward NZ as it does. The upshot is that we have okay prospects for a surfable pulse Tues-Weds before it slumps back to flatness just in time for my mate Tim to lob in from California with board under arm and hoping for a wave.

Hope you have yourself a top old Saturday. Go well!

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