Jul 29 2007

Sunday, the weakness, the weakness

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Hello Friends,

Did you find waves yesterday? If you were canny enough to have tracked something down, my advice would be to go back and have another look there today because the dead south swell has perked up slightly. It’s gone from about 0.5 metre on average at 6 seconds at this time yesterday, to around 8 seconds and 1.5 metres. Dee Why is distinctly bigger than yesterday, but that’s not saying much as it was flat! It’s now around the knee to waist high level there. Places with more direct exposure to the south, should be a bit bigger on the sets. This’ll be good news for the people running the contest at Northy as conditions there yesterday were dire.

The swell models are still calling for a reasonable pulse from late Monday through Wednesday. If the wind forecast is right, then Tuesday morning could be a corker with 2-3 metres of 10 sec south swell and light westerlies… yum!

Go well with your day!

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