Jul 30 2007

Monday morning mood

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Hello Friends,

Swell seems to have faded back from yesterday’s midday peak, but it’s not looking totally flat at Dee Why beach. Pretty small, yes. Inconsistent, yes, but not quite the zippo conditions of last week. In fact, from the shape of the models, it looks like we’re in for at least one small pulse from tomorrow into Wednesday. The MHL buoy is showing SSE swell that is averaging about 2 metres with a less than powerful 8 second period. It’s going to be one of those days when some spots are completely flat while others have waist to chest high conditions (if not a bit bigger on the bombs).

The Bureau says the wind will shift from the NW around to the SW and push up into the 15-20 kt range in middle part of the day before dropping back a bit toward evening while also going more around to the south. Tomorrow the call is for light W/NW early swinging around to a 15-20 kt N-NE’r. Meanwhile, the swell, is set to stay from the same SSE’ly direction but should build into the 2-3 metre range with another second or two of period power dialled in for good measure.

So, another week stands before us. Are we ready? Enjoy and may you have yourself a good one.

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