Jul 31 2007

Ah, there you are Huey!

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Bomb set hits Dee Why at about 0715

Hello Friends,

As expected, the big guy is slinging Sydneysiders some energy this morning. It’s been on the models for days now and late last night it was apparent that it’d be filling into our beaches by daybreak. Heaps of people were on it from first light at Dee Why. Most of them were in the beachy which is more consistent than the point. Size is around the chest high mark on the average ones, but there are some bombs in the mix that definitely push into the overhead range. And, looking at the buoy data, I’d say the forecast of 2.5 metres of swell for today is right on the money. The all important power setting is sitting on 10 sec, so there should be some beltable sections around the place. Swell direction is SSE which again is pretty amenable to Sydney surf requirements. The Bureau says Huey’s gonna play nice with the wind settings too: light westerly this morning for those lucky enough to be able to get in, going around to NE 10-15kts this afternoon for the north corners.

Alas, I’m still on magazine duty, so I’m not certain I’ll be able to get away to shoot some snaps or vid for you… but we shall see!

Outlook is for the pulse to start fading away overnight and for us then to go back into smaller but not flat conditions as we head toward the weekend.

Go well with your day!

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