Aug 01 2007

Wednesday, small but not flat

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Hello Friends,

Swell is on the fade today, but there are still a few little ones around at beaches with a bit of exposure to the SE (which is most of Sydney really). Sets at Dee Why are around the chest high mark on the takeoffs, but mostly it’s more around the waist high range. Swell period is only 9 seconds, so the juice factor is not high. You’ll have to work the more high performance equipment to get much happening, so might be a plan to grab the funboard if you’ve got surfin’ on the agenda.

Not looking too wonderful for the Sydney region over the next couple days. The charts show it dwindling to flat by Friday but then there could be a little uptick on Saturday before it drops back to minor on Sunday.

So Huey’s not completely gone, just kinda disinterested in the Sydney region at the moment. On the other hand, if you’re looking at the charts for western Vic, you’ve gotta find that swell forecast interesting looking. Wind’s not the best, but I imagine there will be a few places going reasonably well.

Go well with your day and get up to some good when no one’s looking!


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