Aug 04 2007

Bright and Early Saturday

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Hello Friends,

Up before dawn this morning, so my initial report is based on, ahem, remote sensing technology – ie, the MHL buoys. They don’t look good. Overnight, the average period has slumped from around 9 seconds to just 6. The chop out at sea is around the metre mark and the direction has gone from SE to SSW. Just to add to the list of woes, Huey’s got the wind around to the west at 10-20 kts. That ought to smooth away any rampant ripples that might otherwise have trickled in to south-facing beaches this morning.

From the look of the buoys off to the south, I’d say we’re stuck with this miserable situation through today at least. About the only straw of hope in those merciless west winds is some 10 sec peak period stuff hitting the Eden buoy every now and then. The forecast models are saying that we should be seeing some 10 sec, metre high south swell from late today into Sunday, so just maybe there will be a little something into the surfable range around dusk.

Longer term, those same models are currently showing a very gradual building trend from tomorrow through about Tuesday, before it gradually slumps back to pretty close to flat by the end of the week. On present reckoning, that Tuesday peak could see 2-3 metres of dead south swell at a respectable 10 sec., along with light S-SW winds.

Get yourself up to a bit of good, have some fun on the way through, and stay happy as you can!

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