Sep 03 2007

3 Sep 2007: micro DY but hope for better later this week

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Hello Friends,

Groan. I wish there was better news for surfers along the east coast, but sadly this morning kicks off with average size lurking around the metre mark from Tweed Heads to Eden. Here in Sydney the direction is ESE and the average period is about 9 seconds. For Dee Why this means it is unsurfably small. There might possibly be something just into the catchable range up the other end of the beach toward Longy, but I’d be surprised if the bigger ones were even waist high.

Winds are currently light, but a S-SE change will develop this afternoon and it’ll pick up to be 20-30 kts by this evening.

There isn’t any obvious sign of an accompanying increase on the buoy data yet, but the Bureau says the south swell should push into the 2-3 metre range tomorrow. Of course it’ll be accompanied by 20-30 kts of S-SE wind.

Yesterday, the swell models were looking moderately hopeful for later in the week. This morning, the computer has decided that things look better again. Now, the long range call is for an 8-9 sec SE swell from tomorrow through Friday, to morph into a solid east swell for the weekend. Right now they’re pretty giddy, calling for 3-4 metres at 10 to 11 sec. We shall see whether Huey comes to the party, but it is nice to have the prediction pointing that way instead of toward more flatness.

Go well with your day and be sure to wave a cheery hello to any of our APEC chums should they happen to sweep past you in an armoured limo.

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