Sep 04 2007

Windy & small …but not flat.

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Hello Friends,

As the Bureau foretold, we have 20-30 kts of south wind and lowering skies. It has pushed up a little windswell, but the quality is not exceptional. If you don’t mind dealing with the onshores, you could probably find yourself something in the waist to chest high range.

There’s not much power of course. The period’s typical for the circumstances, ie around the 8 second mark. And it follows, therefore, that not much of consequence is refracting around into the protected corners.

This 20-30 kt stuff is due to continue from around Seal Rocks to the border for the next couple days. It’s set to go more to the ESE tomorrow in the Sydney region, so while that should help push the size up, it’s not going to be doing the quality settings any favours. Thursday and Friday should see the wind dropping back a little, but staying basically onshore from Sydney, north to the border.

So, a windy old stretch in front of us. But, on the good side, the swell forecast models are still showing a reasonable pulse of east swell starting to fill in from around Saturday, even as the wind moderates. Sunday and Monday are currently looking interesting… but that’s a long way into the future when you’re talking weather forecasting…

Have yourself a top old day!

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