Sep 05 2007

Blowy day in Sydney

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(above) Dee Why


(above) Whiterock

Hello Friends,

Do you like this wind direction east coast dwellers? We’re going to have more of it today and into the weekend at most places. RealSurf eye on Dee Why guy, el Rob, told me he spent a couple hours flying over the big chop yesterday. So I’m guessing he’d know the person in this morning’s pic from me of the point. The size is quite respectable, but the wind is just hammering anything with exposure to the SE.

I had a look at the north side of Long Reef this morning, but as I suspected, while the swell at sea is averaging around 2 metres (with peaks to 4m), the 8 sec period means that nothing of any significance is getting around into protected spots such as the Kick and whiterock.

Outlook for the next three days is SE wind in the 15-25 kt range from around Ulladulla to Queensland. There should be junky swell along the lines of what we have through the period but right now it’s looking like we’ll have to wait until this weekend for anything clean. And, boy do the forecast models look hopeful right now for late Saturday through Monday. Basically they’re calling for a punchy low pressure system to form up in the Tasman and to pump us some solid east swell. Right now, Monday really looks the goods with light offshores and 10sec+ 3+ metre east swell… a long way out, but consistent with forecasts over the last couple days… fingers crossed!

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(Sorry for the late start. Kinda got caught up with building a nice little extension to RealSurf and ended up conking out past my bedtime. Looking forward to telling you all about it soon.)

Have yourself a top old day!

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