Sep 06 2007

More wind, a little more swell…

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Robbo charges past the rocks on another blazing tack. 

Hello Friends,

Another windy day ahead. There’s a reasonable amount of swell energy for those who don’t mind surfing in onshores conditions. Size out at sea is averaging around 2 metres off Sydney and closer to 3 metres up toward Coffs. Unfortunately, the period is a in the windswelly 8 second range, so even if the wind wasn’t a factor, the gutlessness would be.

Interesting developments continue to show in the forecasts. Here’s the Bureau’s summary for this morning: ‘Strong high over southern Tasman Sea with ridge to NSW south coast. Trough over Coral Sea. Low expected to develop in trough tonight or Friday, then deepen and move southeast towards New Zealand during weekend as ridge extends over all NSW coast.’

The models are calling for the swell to maintain it’s present size and power settings but to shift more to the east over the next couple days. Then, if Huey smiles upon the east coast, the power setting should slight up a notch or two into the 10 second range around Saturday as the swell goes straight east. Winds are set to be in the 10-15 kt range but out of the SE.

Hope your day is shaping up well and that many good things happen.

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