Sep 07 2007

Lighter wind & some waves in APECville

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Hello Friends,

Light winds and passing showers this morning in APECville. As the limos sweep back and forth through the echoing CBD, little waves are washing in to the beaches of our fair city. Nothing extraordinary, mind you. But at 0800 there wasn’t much wind about and the soft, 8 sec period windswell has gone around to the east. It’s a couple metres out at sea, but I wouldn’t expect wave faces to get much above chest high at the best spots.

As anticipated, a low has formed in the Coral Sea and as it deepens, the swell will build. However, it now looks as though the real action will be up along the north coast and that as you move down toward Sydney it’ll be weaker. Lucky you folks who went away to the far north coast for APECweekend.

Go well with your day, wherever you may be!

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