Sep 08 2007

Looking flabby but not flat

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weak looking at Dee Why point

Not much wind about to start this morning in the Sydney region. It should pick up a bit to 10-15kts from the SE later. Sets have increased very slightly as the period has bumped up another second or so. We’re still only talking about waist to chest high on the bigger ones though.

To put some numbers on it, the windswell is wheezing along at a fairly flabby 8-9sec and heights at sea are averaging around the 2 metre mark. The swell is moving steadily toward the predicted easterly direction, so that should mean at least something at your favourite beach.

Quality is strictly ordinary. At first light, there were only a couple bods visible in the water at Dee Why. The waves look weak, sloppy and pretty uninteresting. My guess is that there won’t be anything much better around the place either.

The Bureau says stronger swell should start to develop up north as the low deepens over the Coral Sea. However, at this point, there’s nothing much showing on the buoys. Certainly no sign of the 10 sec 3-4 metre east swell that’s been showing on the forecast models for the last week.

Currently those models are still showing a pulse of east swell developing mainly north of Sydney over the next 48 hours. The prospect is for this to fade away by Tuesday, but with luck we should see some distinct improvement around here by tomorrow…

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