Sep 09 2007

Bumpy east swell day

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(from left: Gardens, Northy, Dee Why beach, Dee Why point, Collaroy.)

Hello Friends,

Traditional late Sunday start for me. Swell has pushed up another notch in the Sydney region, but it’s much more impressive the further north you go. I had a bit of a wander around to see what’s going on and can tell you that it’s fairly junky and shoulder to head high at Dee Why. A fair number of optimists sitting in the water at the point but the crowd to consistency ratio is really working against them. The beachy is offering more variety, but it looks like the work to results ratio is skewed pretty heavily to the struggle side. On the other side of Long Reef there’s not much going on at the likes of Dontals, Makaha, Whiterock, brownwater and the Kick. Maybe if you sat there long enough, something catchable would turn up. The good thing is that you can have any one of those spots to yourself.

Collaroy has a small fleet of rescue devices taking turns gliding in on waist high little lumps. There’s more action up the beach toward the Gardens zone. Some crunch happening there and size looks to be into the head high plus range on the bigger ones. But it’s a long way from being all time quality. Not many in the water either.

Northy looked a little disappointing. Admittedly, I was checking it from the better part of a kilometre away, but the sets I watched looked oddly full and slow. Fairly busy looking too.

From the forecasts and models, I’d say that we’re experiencing the peak of this particular pulse in Sydney. The prospects are for the energy levels to fade overnight and for tomorrow to be smaller and weaker as we slide into another work week. My guess is that we’ll be back to near flat from around Weds. in the Sydney region.

Just for the record, the swell is currently from the ESE at about 2 metres at 9 seconds. There are peak sets in the 10 sec/3 metre range mixed into the cake too, so every now and then you should be able to hook yourself a bomb.

Wind is light ESE now and is due to swing to the NE and slacken off a little. Outlook for tomorrow morning is NW-NE wind.

Go well and have yourself a fantastic day.

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