Sep 10 2007

A few waves around the place

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Hello Friends,

Late last night while labouring over the keyboard on matters RealSurf, I could hear the ocean growling softly in the distance. You get that up here on Collaroy Plateau when the wind is from the right direction and not too strong. And sure enough, this morning we have waves again. Swell out at sea is around 2 metres from the east, and, importantly, the period has crept up to the 10 sec mark foreshadowed by the models last week.

The situation at Dee Why is not spectacular. There are waves at both the beach and the point, but it’s a long, long wait between the reasonable size sets. The biggest I saw was in the head high range at the beach, and maybe shoulder high at the point. Curiously, the 10 sec period does not seem to be imparting a lot of power. I think that when we have east swell, the Dee Why stretch is more of an indicator of what might be happening elsewhere at beaches with a bit better exposure.

From the look of the forecasts, the swell’s going to dry up over the next 24 hours and then east coasters appear to be heading into flatness for the rest of the week.

Get out there if you can, and even if you can’t, go well with your day.

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