Sep 12 2007

Bye, bye swell…

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Hello Friends,

Swell in the Sydney region has faded right away overnight. Yesterday’s 2 metre average height and 10 sec average period is now closer to a metre at 8 seconds. It’s still coming out of the east, so those who can get in this morning may still get a few crumbs before it fizzes away altogether.

Yesterday there were waves at both Dee Why beach and the point. As I write this, I can’t see anyone in the water along the beach, and the four or five at the point are waiting a long time to catch the rogue sets. Said sets are just barely into the rideable range. They’re maybe waist high, and are having to be ridden right next to the rocks. Not too impressive it has to be said. I’d be looking elsewhere if I was desperate for a wave. 😉

Outlook for the rest of the week remains pretty ordinary for our part of the world. Right now the forecasts are showing not much in the way of surf prospects between here and Sunday.

Early next week there seems to be some prospect of shortish period but surfable size south swell from Sunday through Monday. Nothing amazing looking, but it should be enough to make the effort.

Go well with whatever comes your way today!

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