Sep 15 2007

More beachcombing on tap

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Hello Friends,

Looks like a top day for strolling along the sand, peering into tidepools, wetting a line, throwing a frisbee, walking the dog, reading the paper, dozing in the dunes, snorkling around your favourite surf spot, etc.

For the technically inclined, the swell out at sea is around a metre from the south but the period is a weak and windswelly 6 seconds. And it’s pretty much that way up and down the entire east coast.

Outlook on the wind front is for light SW this morning and 10-15 kts of SE-NE this afternoon.

Sunday does not look all that wonderful for surf either. In fact, as the Goat said yesterday, it’s not flash for the start of the week. The Bureau does expect a little low to form off Tassie, but the main consequence appears to be a lot of wind from the NW around to the SW for Monday through Tuesday. The models are not showing too much for us to be hopeful about in the Sydney region, although there might be a little pulse of 10 sec SE swell around late Tuesday arvo into Wednesday morning… those same models show it slumping back to flatness after a day or so, before a south-changey looking kick next weekend.

Anyway, have yourself a top old day and go well with all your grand plans!

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