Sep 16 2007

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1655: Dee Why point population

Hello Friends,

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve been beavering quietly away on a little project called After running it by the reporters, a few friends and the forum, the time has come to roll it out to the wider world. The idea is very simple: after creating more than 30 videos, it struck me that they could use their own section of the site. All the videos I’ve created in the year or so since I started making ’em are now on the new site. Over time, I’m hoping to get a few of you to contribute your own surf vids as well. If you’ve posted a few on YouTube or elsewhere, be sure to check out the faq page to find out how you could share them here too. They need to be about surfin’ though. We won’t be publishing or linking to non-surf stuff.

Afternoon update on the surf for ya. This morning’s delicate conditions have been swept away by a wretched 10-15 kt NE breeze and gathering cloud. Period has dropped back to around 6-7 seconds in the Sydney region, so there’s next to nothing showing at spots like Dee Why. The Bureau’s still calling for the swell to push up a bit overnight, but the wind is due to be 20-30 kts from the NW by tomorrow morning. Not the best.

Go well with your Sunday evening!

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