Sep 18 2007

Quiet but not flat

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Hello Friends,

Grey old morning out there. Wind is out of the SW at 20-30 kts and the swell is dead south at a couple metres and nearly 9 seconds apart. Now you might think that combo should produce something of interest, but from what I’ve seen, it isn’t. There were just a couple bods in the water when I took a picture of Dee Why point. I spotted a couple more north of the Marquesas, but it looked uninteresting.

From the look of the buoy data and the marine forecast, it would appear we’re near the peak of this little pulse. The wind is due to swing SE this afternoon. That won’t make things any better for Sydney surfers. By tomorrow, the swell looks set to be a little smaller. Kinda hard to say exactly though, because the models are calling for increasing period as the heights drop. With luck it’ll sort of even out and possibly even make things a bit more surfable as the wind is also due to get back around to the W-NW in the morning.

Ah well, on with the day, eh? Hope your plans all turn out the way you hope!

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