Sep 23 2007

Some shoulder high sets around.

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Hello Friends,

Good result for the Sea Eagles last night. Imagine there are a few happy faces around the northern beaches today.

Look’s like today’s the day for Sydney surfers because the forecasts show it all being downhill from here into the new week. The well at sea is out of the SSE at an average of 2 metres (with some peak swell and sea into the 4m range). The energy setting has bumped up ever so slightly in the last 24 hours and is currently averaging around 9 seconds not only in the Sydney region, but up and down the east coast.  What this means at a spot like Dee Why is reasonable crowds and size ranging from waist to shoulder high on the bigger ones.

As I write this, the wind is not yet a factor. The Bureau is calling for it to swing onshore (SE-NE) this afternoon but not to be too strong (10-15kts is the call)

Outlook for tomorrow in the Sydney region is for the swell to drop and for the average period to drop back a little. Then it looks like averaging around a metre or so at sea with an 8 sec period through the rest of the week. So, in a word, marginal.

Get out there if you can, and have a good one!

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