Sep 24 2007

Hmmm, yeah… not much…

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Hello Friends,

Another spectacular morning in Sydney town. Dee Why’s looking as sunny and pleasant as anywhere I’ll bet… and as puny. As expected, the swell is smaller than yesterday. The MHL buoy shows that it’s gone more to the east south east, but that the average height has dropped into the metre range on a period of about 9 seconds. So, it’s not absolutely flat, but nor is it much above that. I could see a few bods in the water when I took my picture this morning, but I gave up waiting to see someone catch anything. I think you’ll be doing well to find a bomb set into the chest high range.

The wind will be offshore and light this morning, sayest the Bureau, before turning NE 15-20 kts this afternoon.

Outlook for the week ahead is interesting across the southern surf zones of our continent, but generally quite uninteresting for the east coast. From Wednesday on is looking particularly dire for those of us who surf in the Sydney region.

Ah well. Huey will be back to this part of the world in his own good time.

Go well with your day!

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