Sep 25 2007

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Small but not flat at Dee Why

Hello Friends,

Nice start to the day in Sydney and we still have some little waves at south facing spots. Quite a few bods getting in a quick splash at Dee Why before the obligations crowd in on their respective days. Not impressive in an absolute sense, but at least it’s glassy and there are a few catchable ones into the chest high range (although it’s mostly smaller than that).

The general outlook is for a continuing slow decline in energy levels. We’re starting out with about 1.5 metres of south swell at 8 seconds. There is some 10 sec component in the mix (probably where those bigger sets are coming from), and the sea plus swell heights are touching into the 2 metre plus range off Sydney.

The take-away? Get out there as soon as you can because our swell is dribbling away. From tomorrow it would appear that Sydneysiders are in for a stretch of small to flat conditions.

Begging your indulgence, I’d like to repeat an item from last week if I may…

As many long time visitors will know, RealSurf’s been a strong supporter of the excellent works of Surfrider Foundation. For the past 16 years Surfrider has combined its Annual General Meeting with a day of public talks and forums on topics of interest to surfers. This time around the Northern Beaches Surfrider group has taken on the task of devising and staging the public events. It’s all going to happen on the weekend of the 19-21 of October at the Coastal Environment Centre in North Narrabeen. You can check out the details by going here: and if you’d like to register to come along (space is limited), please go here: You can even download a pdf of the brochure (designed by RealSurf’s very own Shari!) from here:

Go well with your day!

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