Sep 26 2007

Sunshine & little waves

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Hello Friends,

High tide is out of the way for this morning and with any luck the current fat conditions may give way to something a bit more surfable before the NE’r kicks in this afternoon (forecast is for 20-25kts). Size at sea is around the same as this time yesterday when we had waist high conditions at south east spots. The average period is around the 8 second mark and the average height is around a metre. The difference is that yesterday morning we had some 11 second component, but today it’s a touch below 10 sec – ie, don’t expect as many shoulder high sets today.

Again, the MHL buoys show that it’s pretty much this way up and down the coast of NSW.

Outlook for tomorrow is slightly less of the same, so it might be a plan to eke a little something out this morning if the schedule permits. That said, it’s not exactly all time, so if other responsibilities have crowded out the surf option, not to worry!

The forecast models are  showing not much for the Sydney region for as far ahead as they go. It generally looks marginal to nearly flat for the next week right now…

Oh well, what can ya do?

Enjoy your day and stay happy!

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