Sep 27 2007

Slowing right down…

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Hello Friends,

Yesterday there were a few little things around to play on, but gee, this morning looks pretty sad. Couldn’t see anyone in the water along the Dee Why stretch and I reckon it won’t be Robinson Cruso either.

The MHL buoy off Sydney provides an objective verification of what one can see (don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows…). Overnight the little south east trickle has dropped from around 8 seconds to just 6. Even though the average size out at sea is around the 2 metre mark, the northerly direction and short period aren’t doing us any good at all.

The marine forecast for the Sydney region is for the wind to swing from the NW around to the NE but not get up to much more than 13 kts this afternoon. Outlook for tomorrow  is more W/NW wind and micro windswell.

A scan of the  forecast models reveals a uniformly gloomy outlook across the next week for the east coast of Australia. It looks like you folk down Victoria way at least have the prospect of some size, albeit with a fair amount of wind today, and stupid amounts tomorrow (w-sw 30-40 kts).

Ah well, that’s spring for ya…

Anyway, have yourself a top old day with whatever you’ve got on…

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