Oct 02 2007

Little line showing…

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Hello Friends

Tide was low just before daybreak and it looks as though we still have a tiny trickle of swell. Lines are pretty close together and the MHL buoy shows that we’re sitting on about a 9 second average period with the swell coming out of the south at around a metre. That’s very similar to yesterday evening when there were in fact some fun little waves around at places with good south exposure.

The wind is currently light and the call is for it to go around to the NE later on and get into the 10-15kt range.

It looks to me as though the average period has decreased in the southern part of the state, so I’d guess we’re in for the same trend around the Sydney region later today.

According to the forecast models, we’re due to get weaker and smaller conditions tomorrow ahead of an okay looking south pulse on Thursday. The models have been calling for this pulse for some days now, so the fingers are staying crossed. The wind outlook for Thursday is SW going around to NE in the afternoon at around the 10-15kt mark. The computer simulations reckon it’ll be in the 2 metre/11-12 sec range, so that could mean head high and a little better at south facing stretches.

Have yourself a top old day!

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