Oct 03 2007

Surprisingly, still some little ones about

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Mal rider hooks set of the morning at Dee Why.

Hello Friends,

Ahead of what promises to be a very hot day in Sydney, Huey’s dialled down the power settings, but hasn’t switched the swell completely off. However, it looks as though as the temperature goes up, the swell will probably be going down even more. What we had at around 0700 was an almost east direction for the metre or so of 7-10sec period windswell. That was creating the occasional waist to chest high bomb set up the beach from Dee Why and even a rare rideable one for some folks on mals at the point.

We’re heading to 34 today says the Bureau, so it’s good to see at least a little tiny something to start with. I’m not as hopeful for this afternoon given the downward trend of the average period and the forecast¬† 25-33 kts of W-NW. A similar strength south change is due to come through this evening. That should cool things off and push up the anticipated little south pulse.

Go well with your day and stay cool!

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