Oct 05 2007

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Paddleboarding about the only option at Dee Why point.

Hello Friends,

One thing I can assure you this morning is that Dee Why point offers no attractions for surfers. Fishers, snorklers, gawkers, relaxers, yes, but boardriders, nup.  Our little spike in swell has vanished from the Sydney region and we’re back to a metre at 8 sec apart. There is still some 10sec component around the place, so spots with optimal exposure to the 135 degree direction (ie, se) may have some sets into the chest high range. About the only hint of a hope lies in the fact that the Port Kembla and Batemans Bay buoys are showing a slight upward trend… but it’s only slight, so about the best I think we can hope for in the Sydney region is for the conditions to stay unchanged through the day.

Surf outlook for the week ahead is not dazzling. The general pattern is for small, short period stuff from the southern quarter. There aren’t too many encouraging signs for the east coast generally, it has to be said.

Wind today in the Sydney region is set to be light NW in the morning and then going around to a moderate (15-20 kts) NE’r after lunch.

Have yourself a top old Friday!

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