Oct 07 2007

Still bumping along at the very small setting

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Dee Why’s looking pretty puny… 

Hello Friends,

Yikes! How ’bout those rugby results overnight? Wallabies and Kiwis out! And Huey’s offering little solace for those who want to just go surfin’. There are some very small things coming into the beach and washing along the point at Dee Why. The biggest ones are around the waist high mark but they don’t have much juice in ’em. Pretty obviously you’ll want to take the most buoyant water toy in your collection. The technical details are south windswell averaging a bout 2 metres at sea but only 8 seconds apart.

In typical spring fashion, it looks as though the heights at sea will be dropping gradually back toward the metre mark with a period in the sub 8-second range. At the moment, the brightest spot on the Sydney region forecast is out around the end of the week when a little low may push up the coast.

Have yourself a great day!

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