Oct 08 2007

Nope, no waves to speak of…

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 Dee Why point looking just about hopeless.

Hello Friends,

Sadly, the surf situation at Dee Why is exactly as foretold by the models and forecasts of the last few days…  No one that I could see in the water at around 0800. The MHL buoy reports a metre at about 8 seconds from the SE. So there might be the occasional knee to waist high bomb dribbler as the tide drops (it’s low around lunch time). The wind isn’t going to go particularly hard, but the call is for SE/NE at 10-15 kts, so it’ll be kinda junky and unappetising… and just about flat.

Forecasts for the week ahead are still calling for  short period and very small all along the east coast. The models are not at all interesting until next weekend. Around about Saturday they start showing some potential developments of interest. But, as we all know, computer models get less and less accurate the further into the future you push them. So, we might get some south windswell in the Sydney region around Saturday…

Speaking of forecasts, one of the topics we’ll be addressing at the Surfrider Foundation Conference on 19-21 October is the state of surf forecasting. You’ll be unsurprised to hear that I’m moderating the panel! I’ll be throwing the discussion open to fellow panelists Ben Matson of Swellnet and Ben McCartney from coastalwatch, and of course there’ll be questions from the floor. You can check out the whole program by reading the news story  ‘Waves of Change Conference’ and here’s a link to the online rego page: http://tinyurl.com/39w8y9

Have yourself a top old day!

Art Gallery of NSW detail

Kids and Duncan doing catching exercise.

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