Oct 09 2007

Blustery ol’ 9 October…

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Hello Friends,

Mostly cloudy this morning, but here and there the sun is breaking through. Wind is another matter. Depending on where you’re standing, it’s pushing along at  15-20 kts from the south to south west. There’s a little more energy in the ocean, but it’s still only just above flat at Dee Why.  That wind is set to go around to the SE and to stay at about it’s current velocity for the rest of Tuesday in the Sydney region.

The windswell is a feeble 8 seconds at around a metre from the  east. So, your best hopes are going to be for spots that are pretty exposed to the wind.

The outlook for the rest of the work week currently seems to be more or less more of the same. But the long range models are now more optimistic than they’ve been for some while. From the shape of charts, the computers reckon Huey may brew us up a Tasman-full of energy this coming weekend.  According to the current calculations, we could be looking at 2-3 metres of 10 sec plus south-ish swell Saturday, building to 3-4 by late Sunday and into Monday. Well, that’s what the computers reckon… we’ll see what Huey has to say…

Another plug, if I may, for the Surfrider Waves of Change conference weekend after next at North Narrabeen’s Coastal Environment Centre. You can check out the program here: http://tinyurl.com/28vnak

Go well and have yourself a top old day!

Standup paddleboarder goes one at Dee Why around 0815

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