Oct 11 2007

11 October like the 10th, like the 9th…

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Hello Friends,

Today started out mild with partly cloudy skies and no wind to speak of. Nice morning for a walk. Sadly, it’s not such a nice morning on the surf front.  We’ve got 6 second, 1 metre NE windswell washing weakly in to the Sydney region.

The forecast may be grim for surfing, but Dee Why’s Rob will probably be rigging up the kite this afternoon if the N-NE winds reach the forecast 15-20 kts.

Our old chums, the forecast models that were comparatively hopeful for the weekend, have  had a bit of a rethink. Now the computers reckon we might get a weak south pulse into the chest to shoulder high range on Saturday and Sunday. I hope they’ll be proven too pessimistic.

I guess the good thing is that there’s at least something on the charts… even if it is only a fairly modest something.

Get up to some good on the way through today and go well!

pretty tiny at Dee Why this morning.

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