Oct 13 2007

13 Oct 07, waves at last!

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looks like waves at 0645

ooo! a wave!

Hello Friends,

Finally, waves. It’s looking fun down at Dee Why this morning. Pretty crowded of course as the school kids go nuts on the only significant swell we’ve had these school holidays. Size is around the shoulder high mark on sets. It’s a chilly 12 or so right now, but the SW winds are due to back off as the day goes along but they are set to swing to a more sur-hostile SE this afternoon. Tide’s high at just after 0900 in Sydney, so things may be a bit fat and full to start with.

Swell out at sea is coming from the south at around 8 seconds apart. It’s just over two metres, but there are some sets of double that. Moreover, there are a few peak period sets in the 10 sec range. All of which should mean that there will be the occasional bomb set in the head high plus range at exposed spots.

The swell seems to be dropping down south, so I’d think we’ll see a similar pattern across the Sydney region today. With luck though, the period should stretch out a bit at the same time. If it does, the practical effect should mean smaller, but not flat for tomorrow.

Early in the new week looks marginal to me, but as we get toward Wednesday, the models say that Huey may sling us some more south swell (and strong south wind too).

Have yourself a great day and go well with whatever you’ve got on the agenda!

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