Oct 16 2007

Is it still spring?

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Hello Friends,

Looks to me as though the little pulse of yesterday morning has all but disappeared. According to the buoy data, there are still some 10 sec period things around, but for the most part, you’re looking at a woeful average period of just 6 seconds. And it seems to be that way from one end of the east coast to the other.

At 0400 there was a change at Green Cape. It’s due to be in the Hunter by this evening. As it heads north, the hot NW winds will accelerate in front of it and it’s already pretty warm in Sydney.  They’ve hoisted the gale pennant as the WNW winds are due to be 25-30 kts this morning, and even a bit stronger by mid-afternoon.

But where’s the swell, you ask!

Well, as I said, there’s nothing showing on the buoys right now for NSW & SE Qld, but as that change comes through, we might get a little activity in its wake. The forecast models are saying that by tomorrow there could be a couple metres of 8-10 sec south swell. With luck that will last through Thursday or even early Friday.

Speaking of Friday, that’s when the Surfrider Conference at North Narra starts. Registered people will be entitled to come along to the Conference welcome for drinks and surf chat.

We need those rego’s completed by Wednesday, in order to get the catering sorted. So, it would be fantastic to see a rush of responses in the next couple days.

If you’re still thinking “wil I, won’t I…” I’d like to humbly submit 5 reasons for getting in on the deal:

1. You’re a surfer & Surfrider Foundation is all about surfin’!

2. You want to protect the beaches you love – & so does Surfrider Foundation

3. You enjoy meeting other surfers who care about the environment – guess who belongs to Surfrider?

4. You aren’t one for sitting around when you can make a difference – & that’s what Surfrider Foundation is all about. In fact, not only does the conference offer lots of interesting talks on Saturday, but Sunday morning will see us getting into a bit of activism around the Northern Beaches’ long term campaign to divert Warriewood sewer outfall to reuse and not dumping at sea.

5.  You know how good it makes you feel to get involved in something you believe in – & Surfrider Foundation gets involved.

Are you in? Excellent! Here’s the link you need to sort the rego stuff: http://tinyurl.com/39w8y9

Go well with your day!

Paddler makes the most of smooth seas

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