Oct 19 2007

Friday 19 Oct, smallness decreasing…

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Hello Friends,

We still have some little SE windswell about this morning. Size at the south end of the Dee Why-Long Reef stretch, is around the waist high mark. Looks like a fair old wait for sets to turn up though. There was a spike of 12 sec period stuff in the mix just before dawn, so it may turn out that the occasional bigger set wanders in this morning.

Overall though, the trend for the east coast is relentlessly toward small to flat conditions across the next week. The annoying thing for east coasters is that the forecast models are showing lots of activity for the western side of the Tasman, but zippo on our side.

Oh well, what can you do, eh?

At least it means all the surfers at the ‘Waves of Change’ conference won’t be fidgeting about in a distracted state because they’re missing waves while the sessions are on! And the paddle out on Sunday should be a doddle thanks to light north winds and minimal swell. Even if you can’t make the Saturday activities, it’d be great to see you on Sunday morning (see news item right) if you can squeeze us in to your schedule.

Go well with your day and if you’re planning to come along to the Coastal Environment Centre tomorrow, please, please register by going here: http://tinyurl.com/39w8y919oct07dyb.jpg

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