Oct 23 2007

23 Oct 07: nup

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Hello Friends,

Urggh. Six second period south windswell. The fact that it’s averaging a couple metres out at sea off Sydney, is pretty much beside the point. There isn’t much energy around at the moment along the east coast. According to the MHL buoy data, the longest average period is around the 8 second mark. This prevails in a zone from around Batemans Bay south to the border.

The wind along Sydney’s coastline is around theĀ  10kt level from the south as I write this, it’s due to stay about this velocity from the SW in the morning and then to swing more to the SE while decreasing slightly.

Swell outlook for the next week or so around the Sydney region does not look too promising. The models are showing short periods and small wave heights for as far ahead as they can look. Again, it’s not looking like getting down to totally flat, but the outlook is for it not to be too much bigger than that. If you can get across the ditch to Kiwi land, it’s looking like there’s going to be mucho olas in the coming week. Far west SA could be pretty impressively big in the next couple days as well…

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