Oct 24 2007

Hoping for rain…

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Hello Friends,

Heavy cloud and the promise of a little rain greet Sydneysiders this morning. Swell has swung to the east and the average period has  gone up to 10 seconds, but nothing interesting is happening at Dee Why. You’ll really want to be looking elsewhere for a little wave. Not much wind around to start with but the Bureau is calling for it to be E-SE 13-18 kts this afternoon.  Not the greatest conditions it has to be said.

The surf outlook for the east coast remains largely uninteresting. According to the models, the only prospect of any interest is a very brief long period south pulse on Thursday. Sadly, it looks as though it will mainly fill into the Sydney region during the night hours and be on the fade by the time we get to Friday morning. By that stage the bulk of the energy will be somewhere north of the Hunter is my guess.

Once again, it looks like the place to be for waves (and wind) will be the western regions of Vic and the west coast of NZ.

Go well with your day and to all my friends in southern California, I hope the fires aren’t anywhere near you!!

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