Oct 25 2007

Waiting for the fog to lift

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Hello Friends,

At 0700, it was much too foggy for me to get a shot of the beach for you. I’ve now been out and about and can report there are tiny little burgers slumping weakly into the Longy to Dee Why stretch. Generally junky looking and uninspiring under drippy skies.

Overnight, the swell has wiggled around a little and is now averaging a metre from the ESE at about 8 seconds. The data is showing only small variations from one border to the other in Sydney. It looks as though it’s more or less the same size and period from Eden to Coffs.

Wind is lightly from the south as I write this. Kind of what you’d expect given the fog. The Bureau isays the Sydney region will have 8-13 ks S-SE this morning and the same speed but N/NE this afternoon.

I still don’t see anything significant for east coasters on the models for the week ahead. There’s heaps of big stuff (with big wind) lined up for western facing surf regions in SA and Vic. Both sides of Kiwi land should have lots of windy surf options and Fiji is looking sizable in about three days… But dear old Sydney? Not good. We might possibly get something in the next 24 hours, but if it does kick up into the rideable range, I don’t expect it to last long.

Hope your day shapes up well. Have a good one!

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