Oct 29 2007

Breezy and small for Monday

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Hello Friends,

Bit of wind about this morning and a few dark clouds heading out to sea as the blue skies fill in behind. Surf situation is pretty marginal – again. The east windswell is flopping in at a gutless 7 seconds or so and around a metre at sea. Saw one bod struggling to catch something at the  point and then apparently giving up to just prone one in. There still isn’t much of anything in the charts to encourage one either. As far as the east coast is concerned, it looks like another week of similar conditions to these. There is a slight hope that we might get some longer period stuff from the NE toward the end of the week, but one doesn’t get too excited about forecasts that far out.

Speaking of wind, the call is for NE at 20-30 kts early, swinging NW and easing to 15-20 ahead of similar strength SW change. Tomorrow should see the SW first up but then it will go around through the east to the NE in the afternoon.

Have yourself a top old day!

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