Oct 30 2007

Not quite flat

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Hello Friends

Did you get a few of those little ones yesterday afternoon Sydneysiders?  Not much in the morning but it built up into the fun range by the close of play. The buoy data looks pretty much the same again this morning, but when I watched it for awhile around 7 ish, there was really only a single wave through the Dee Why end of the beach and that was at the point. It’s only 8 second windswell, but at least it’s averaging around two metres from the east where the Sydney MHL buoy is bobbing about.

General outlook for the next 24 hours is for the juice level to fade just about to flat by tomorrow afternoon. Happily, the models show Huey stirring slightly for east coasters late Thursday into Friday and into the weekend. Doesn’t look like it’ll be big or anything, but with luck Friday-Saturday ought to be around the waist to chest high plus range.

Sydney looks to be in for a pleasant day, with highs along the coast around 28. Bureau’s posted the UV alert of 10 for the period 0850 to 1620.

May your day go well!

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