Oct 31 2007

Surf, where are ya?

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Hello Friends,

There were three bods in the water at Dee Why point and one or two up the beach when I  rubbed the sleep from my eyes at 0645. After a longish wait and quite a few false starts, the chap on the standup paddleboard finally caught a tiny crumbler along the rocks. It fizzed away after a few metres and he glided to a stop. Pretty much sums up the conditions I’d say.

If you want to get technical, the Sydney region is currently seeing a metre or so of 7 sec average period east windswell. Dee Why really isn’t much of an east windswell spot, so before giving up, I’d have a look at spots with better exposure to the direction. There were a few small ones from mid Collaroy to Northy yesterday and both Manly and Curly had some weak little things on offer.

Outlook for the rest of the working week is not terribly exciting. More of the same, I’d say. But there is some hope for a small improvement at the weekend. Some of the models are then showing what looks like a little east coast low brewing up for Monday or thereabouts. The usual caveats apply…

Had a chat with film maker and the generally irrepressable  Tim Bonython yesterday about the kick off tonight of his 2007 Australian Surf Movie Festival at Bondi Pavillion tonight. Tim’s supplied me with a few clips to put up on realsurf.tv for you. I managed to put his promo reel up last night and in coming days will put up more samples. Some gobsmacking stuff from Shipsterns and Ours.

And, on a completely different note, I’ve also put up a clip from a curious little project called Musica Surfica. It involves passionate surfer and  violin maestro Richard Tognetti, Tom Carroll, Derek Hynde and finless boards at King Island.

Have yourself a top old day!

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