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Oct 19 2007

Friday 19 Oct, smallness decreasing…

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Hello Friends,

We still have some little SE windswell about this morning. Size at the south end of the Dee Why-Long Reef stretch, is around the waist high mark. Looks like a fair old wait for sets to turn up though. There was a spike of 12 sec period stuff in the mix just before dawn, so it may turn out that the occasional bigger set wanders in this morning.

Overall though, the trend for the east coast is relentlessly toward small to flat conditions across the next week. The annoying thing for east coasters is that the forecast models are showing lots of activity for the western side of the Tasman, but zippo on our side.

Oh well, what can you do, eh?

At least it means all the surfers at the ‘Waves of Change’ conference won’t be fidgeting about in a distracted state because they’re missing waves while the sessions are on! And the paddle out on Sunday should be a doddle thanks to light north winds and minimal swell. Even if you can’t make the Saturday activities, it’d be great to see you on Sunday morning (see news item right) if you can squeeze us in to your schedule.

Go well with your day and if you’re planning to come along to the Coastal Environment Centre tomorrow, please, please register by going here:

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Oct 18 2007

18 Oct: little waves on tap this morning in Sydney

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Hello Friends,

A good thing has happened to the swell overnight. The average period has bumped up to 9 seconds across the east coast. Here in Sydney, we’re looking at an average swell height at sea of around 2 metres. That means shoulder high on the bigger sets at spots exposed to the SSE. The wind call for today is light E-NE in the morning, grading to 15-20 kts N-NE this afternoon. The general trend is for a gradual decrease in size over the day, but there is some hope that the average period may actually improve a bit through tomorrow.

We’re due for another change through the Sydney region tomorrow, and ahead of it the wind is set to be 20-25 kts from the north.

After Friday though… gee… can we talk about something else?

It looks as though conditions for the Sunday morning paddle out at Warriewood will have nearly ideal conditions – light N wind and only a tiny NE windswell. We reckon the action will take around an hour from the time you pull on the rubber, to the time you’re walking back up the beach. A little activism to start your Sunday, what could be better! If you can get along to the conference sessions on Saturday, please, please do the online rego thing so we can get the catering sorted. That rego link again:

Go well with your day!

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Oct 17 2007

17 Oct 07 & messy

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Hello Friends,

15-30 kts of southerly whipping up seas all along the east coast this morning. The swell’s pushed up with it and if you’re in a boat off Sydney, particularly one near the MHL buoy, you’re looking at 4-6 metres of sea and swell. The average period is around 10 seconds, so we’re seeing wave faces into the head high plus range in semi-protected corners.

The Bureau says the wind should back off a little by lunchtime (18-23 kts) and even more by this evening (13-18 kts). The problem is that wind will go around more to the SE as it slackens. Naturally, as Huey backs off the breeze maker, the surf energy will fade as well.

Tomorrow the call is for SE 10-15 kts in the morning, going around to 15-20 kts in the afternoon. There should still be some small S to SE windswell around though, so if Thursday’s your surf day, you’re in with a chance of a little something. There might be something little on Friday morning, but the weekend looks fairly uninteresting for surfing.

And that will work for those of us at the Surfrider Foundation weekend conference at North Narrabeen’s Coastal Environment Centre. No naughty waves to distract us from talking about surf and surf related topics!

It’s also looking like Sunday should be a pretty benign set of circumstances for the Conference’s activism item – a mass paddle out. The paddle out is open to anyone (it’s a public beach after all!), but if you’re going to be part of the conference itself, we really need you to register so that we won’t come up short for the food and conference packs (lotsa goodies). You can register online here:

Have yourself a top old day!

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Oct 16 2007

Is it still spring?

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Hello Friends,

Looks to me as though the little pulse of yesterday morning has all but disappeared. According to the buoy data, there are still some 10 sec period things around, but for the most part, you’re looking at a woeful average period of just 6 seconds. And it seems to be that way from one end of the east coast to the other.

At 0400 there was a change at Green Cape. It’s due to be in the Hunter by this evening. As it heads north, the hot NW winds will accelerate in front of it and it’s already pretty warm in Sydney.  They’ve hoisted the gale pennant as the WNW winds are due to be 25-30 kts this morning, and even a bit stronger by mid-afternoon.

But where’s the swell, you ask!

Well, as I said, there’s nothing showing on the buoys right now for NSW & SE Qld, but as that change comes through, we might get a little activity in its wake. The forecast models are saying that by tomorrow there could be a couple metres of 8-10 sec south swell. With luck that will last through Thursday or even early Friday.

Speaking of Friday, that’s when the Surfrider Conference at North Narra starts. Registered people will be entitled to come along to the Conference welcome for drinks and surf chat.

We need those rego’s completed by Wednesday, in order to get the catering sorted. So, it would be fantastic to see a rush of responses in the next couple days.

If you’re still thinking “wil I, won’t I…” I’d like to humbly submit 5 reasons for getting in on the deal:

1. You’re a surfer & Surfrider Foundation is all about surfin’!

2. You want to protect the beaches you love – & so does Surfrider Foundation

3. You enjoy meeting other surfers who care about the environment – guess who belongs to Surfrider?

4. You aren’t one for sitting around when you can make a difference – & that’s what Surfrider Foundation is all about. In fact, not only does the conference offer lots of interesting talks on Saturday, but Sunday morning will see us getting into a bit of activism around the Northern Beaches’ long term campaign to divert Warriewood sewer outfall to reuse and not dumping at sea.

5.  You know how good it makes you feel to get involved in something you believe in – & Surfrider Foundation gets involved.

Are you in? Excellent! Here’s the link you need to sort the rego stuff:

Go well with your day!

Paddler makes the most of smooth seas

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Oct 14 2007

Sunday with waves!

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Hello Friends,

Thanks to me, we have waves in Sydney this morning. How does that work? Simple. I look at the buoy data late last night and figure I may as well stay up late and get up late. Effect? Nice surfin’ conditions from first light (apparently). Sunny, topping out at 23 degrees, light offshores all morning, swinging around to light NE’rly this arvo. And, crucially, the pwriod has gone from a marginal 8 sec, to 10 sec, while the average height at sea is around the two metre mark and it’s all coming from the SE. Should be fun pretty much everywhere!

Hope you’re reading this all with a self-satisified smirk playing across your surfed out features. If not, let’s go, right now!

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Oct 13 2007

13 Oct 07, waves at last!

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looks like waves at 0645

ooo! a wave!

Hello Friends,

Finally, waves. It’s looking fun down at Dee Why this morning. Pretty crowded of course as the school kids go nuts on the only significant swell we’ve had these school holidays. Size is around the shoulder high mark on sets. It’s a chilly 12 or so right now, but the SW winds are due to back off as the day goes along but they are set to swing to a more sur-hostile SE this afternoon. Tide’s high at just after 0900 in Sydney, so things may be a bit fat and full to start with.

Swell out at sea is coming from the south at around 8 seconds apart. It’s just over two metres, but there are some sets of double that. Moreover, there are a few peak period sets in the 10 sec range. All of which should mean that there will be the occasional bomb set in the head high plus range at exposed spots.

The swell seems to be dropping down south, so I’d think we’ll see a similar pattern across the Sydney region today. With luck though, the period should stretch out a bit at the same time. If it does, the practical effect should mean smaller, but not flat for tomorrow.

Early in the new week looks marginal to me, but as we get toward Wednesday, the models say that Huey may sling us some more south swell (and strong south wind too).

Have yourself a great day and go well with whatever you’ve got on the agenda!

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Oct 12 2007

C’mon Huey!

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 Groan, more dribble at Dee Why

Hello Friends,

The Bureau has hoisted the gale pennant for S-SW of 20-25 kts, building to 25-33 kts by lunch. It’s due to be 34-40 kts out at sea this afternoon. Windswell heights at sea have perked up a little, but there’s nothing much of interest because although the average size is closing in on the two metre mark, but it’s dead south and the average period is only around 6 seconds.

If the models are correct, the period should stretch out over the next 24 hours and with luck we could start seeing something in the 9-10 second range along with a boost in average swell height to around the 2.5 metre mark.  That’s a significant improvement over what we’ve had for the past week.

The problem is that the S-SW wind will still be blasting along at 25-30 kts tomorrow morning. Things won’t be helped at all later in the day as it swings around to the S-SE at 15-20 kts. So, we finally get a little improvement in size… and it’s going to be windblown. Gotta love Springtime.

Time for another mention of the upcoming Surfrider Foundation “Waves of Change” conference next weekend. We had a final planning meeting last night and things are  fitting into place. We’ve got delegates coming from around Australia and NZ. Surfrider Foundation USA’s Lia Colabello will be hosting the kick-off drinks next Friday night and thanks to some hard work behind the scenes, we’ve been able to round up a pretty useful conference pack for everyone who registers and attends.

Surfrider Foundation is based on four principles: Conservation, Activism, Research and Education. We’ll be covering each of these in the Saturday sessions, but we won’t just confine ourselves to talking because on Sunday we’re planning a paddle-out action to the Warriewood outfall.  I’ll talk about this again in coming days, but since we’d like to get as many concerned surfers as possible, I thought I’d flag it now so that you can put it in your diary.

Go well with your day!

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Oct 11 2007

11 October like the 10th, like the 9th…

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Hello Friends,

Today started out mild with partly cloudy skies and no wind to speak of. Nice morning for a walk. Sadly, it’s not such a nice morning on the surf front.  We’ve got 6 second, 1 metre NE windswell washing weakly in to the Sydney region.

The forecast may be grim for surfing, but Dee Why’s Rob will probably be rigging up the kite this afternoon if the N-NE winds reach the forecast 15-20 kts.

Our old chums, the forecast models that were comparatively hopeful for the weekend, have  had a bit of a rethink. Now the computers reckon we might get a weak south pulse into the chest to shoulder high range on Saturday and Sunday. I hope they’ll be proven too pessimistic.

I guess the good thing is that there’s at least something on the charts… even if it is only a fairly modest something.

Get up to some good on the way through today and go well!

pretty tiny at Dee Why this morning.

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Oct 10 2007

ten-ten and zippo

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Ordinary looking, to say the least

Hello Friends,

Hope you’re doing well on what is a fine and sunny morning in Sydney. There’s a light easterly along the beaches, so the surface conditions are unlikely to be terribly appetising anywhere in Sydney at the moment. Of course the fact that we’re looking at a metre of 7 second east windswell means that such considerations are pretty much beside the point for surfers. The Bureau says we can expect the wind to move around to the NE and to get up to 20-25 kts.

The only hope for an improvement, and it would be only a slight one, is that we may see another second added to the period setting before nightfall. This dreary situation still looks like lasting until around Saturday when the models are still showing some potential for a south pulse to develop. At this stage it looks as though the main energy could hit north and south of the Sydney region. Size on the models is still in the 2-3 metre range, but the forecast swell period is a less than spectacular 8 seconds.

Go well with your day!

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Oct 09 2007

What, more phone pictures?

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But of course. I love taking snaps with my phone. But not everybody likes them, so I’ll hide this batch on a new page!

Okay, here is another phone pic…

Artemis and Athena

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