Nov 04 2007

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Hello Friends,

Goodly amount of rain overnight up here on the hills back of Dee Why. Skies are clearing and the wind is out of the NW. There is a tiny amount of weak windswell coming in from the east. It’s only a metre at about 8 seconds out at sea, so by the time it gets in to where we can surf it… well, we basically can’t for the most part. Sets at Dee Why are in the knee high range for the most part. Every now and then a massive waist high wall folds softly in, but it’s pretty darn quiet out there.

The forecast for Sydney is sunny with moderate west to northwest winds through most of the day ahead of strong southerly of 30-40 kts. As that wind pushes up the coast, we will of course see the windswell kick up with it.  At around daybreak, the Eden MHl buoy started to point upward and was showing 2-3 metres at about 6 seconds. Big chop, basically.

Tomorrow looks like being pretty windy all day long. Windswell should be building to good size, so if you can find some place out of the wind, there could be a reason to get in the woofy water. Tuesday currently seems to be the likely peak day, but the entire week should see continuous SE wind and 2+ metres of SE windswell.

Have yourself a top old Sunday

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