Nov 05 2007

The gales are here

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Hello Friends,

The gales are upon us this morning. Wind inshore is around the 20-35 kt range from the S-SW. That means some stretches are reasonably clean. The Bureau says that the wind may push up a bit more before starting to swing to the S-SE this afternoon. And there it will apparently stay for the next three days – at least.

Swell has popped up dramatically overnight. It’s averaging close to 4 metres out at the MHL buoy. Peaks are hitting 6 metres. Average period is around the 8 second mark, so it’s not loaded with power, but from the look of PB’s snaps, there’s a bit of size around for those who are keen. Judging from the buoy data coming from the south, we’re at about the peak size for the swell, but it doesn’t look like we’ll see it going flat for at least the next week.

I’ve got a new little video to put up on later today. Shot it along the stretch I’m calling “theirs” or far north Collaroy. Some crunchy little beasties playing havoc with those prepared to charge them.

You’ll know it’s up when a news item appears right.

Go well with your day!

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