Nov 07 2007

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Hello Friends,

First story I hear on the radio this morning as I sit down to write this is that Mick Fanning’s taken the crown for 07.  It’d take the likes of Mick to do much with the lurching slop at Dee Why. There was a small and hardy crew in the water at around 0730, but for all the heaving activity, they were struggling to get into anything. When the rideable ones do arrive, they’re into the head high range, so there’s still some energy around. The MHL buoy shows 8 seconds from the SE at an average size of around 2.5 metres. Sea plus swell heights are around the 5 metre mark, so there will be the odd substantial set in the mix.

The surface conditions are obviously the determining factor this morning, and the Bureau tells us not to get too optimistic because they reckon we’ll have 13-18 kts of SE blergh for the next three days.

Messy, but there is something, so set your sights accordingly and who knows what you may find…

Go well! 7nov07dyp.jpg

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