Nov 09 2007

Rainy… again… and blerghy too.

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Hello Friends,

Only a couple more rainy mornings to go apparently. Wind is out of the E and SE along Sydney’s coastline this morning. It’s a chop-inducing 15-20 kts and the Bureau says it’ll maintain at these levels all day. The gap between waves is getting shorter and it’s now  averaging 7 seconds from Eden up to Crowdy Head. North from there to the border it’s a touch better at 8-9 sec. Swell and seas are averaging a couple metres off Sydney with some peaks closer to the 3 metre mark.  That’s pretty much the same from Eden to the far north coast.

Messy, onshore, small, rain. Yum!

You’ll need to set the keeness lever to full power for these conditions.

Looks like it’ll stay this way all day too.

Why is it that when there’s a surf movie on at your local, it’s guaranteed to be junk at the beach next day when you’re all stoked?  Tim Bonython’s Australian Surf Movie Festival is working its way up the northern beaches this weekend. Tim told me yesterday that he’s getting close to sold out, so I’d do the pre-booking thing at his website ( instead of just fronting on the offchance. Check back this afternoon, ’cause I’ll give away some tickets for tonight’s show (to be held at that art deco landmark, the Collaroy Cinema).

Have yourself a top old day!

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